How it works?

How many appliances and devices have you purchased over the years for your home and office? Do you have the receipts? Do you know when the warranties expire? If something breaks, do you know where to take it to ensure the work is done well and the warranty is still valid? Servvis is a multi-brand platform that easily allows you to register all your electronic devices, even in multiple locations. Once registered, you can manage all of your devices, track their warranty periods, and reach authorized service providers for hundreds of brands in one app.

Application Homepage View

All your electronics
in one handy app

Register everything from boilers to tablets, mobile phones to appliances by taking a photo of the product label or entering the model number manually.

Document Uploading Screen

Invoices and warranty documents are all neatly saved

Upload all relevant documents, such as invoices and warranty information, by simply taking a photo. Now your information is just a swipe away.

Application Device Detail Screen

Warranty about to expire? Time for a service?

Receive timely alerts for all your electronic devices across different properties to keep track of periodic maintenance and get notified before a warranty expires. You can even purchase a warranty extension if you like, and continue to stay covered.

Malfunction/Failure Support Screen

Save time and money with how-to content

You may be able to manage an issue yourself. The app includes user manuals and video content to help you.

Past Process Screen

Your device’s entire history
in one place

From date of purchase to maintenance records to warranty expiration, servvis lets you keep track of the entire history of your devices—even down to what parts have been replaced or the type of repair.

Authorized Service Search Screen

Authorized service providers are just a swipe away.

When technical service is needed, the app instantly links you to an authorized service provider for you to get the best and most reliable support.